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We are the ONLY ADELAIDE-BASED Home Dog Care company of our size and style.

But most importantly, we know how to save you the stress of worrying about your best friend while you’re away.

We’ll take care of it for you. Your dog will be loved and indulged in a safe, secure home while you’re away.

How great is it to know you can meet a Carer – with your dog – before you go away? You’ll never leave your dog anywhere unless you’re happy and comfortable.

We have more than 25 years experience in the dog world. We know what works, what is safe and what makes your beloved pet dog – and you – happy! Talk to us.

You’re having a holiday – let us give your dog one too.

We are all dog owners . We would NEVER leave our dogs anywhere except in the care of a loving person in a secure home with all the comforts of home.

We have a fantastic group of more than 100 carefully screened Carers in all parts of Adelaide – Carers you can meet with your dog BEFORE you go away to determine the right place for you.


Not only do we have a combined 12 years in the Dog Care industry, but we have a very strong and even longer background working with dogs for nearly 20 years, which is a tremendous asset in selecting the RIGHT Carers, and then selecting which homes suit for which dogs.

Founded by one of Australia’s leading dog behavorialists – Chris Farrant – HOWZ YA DOG HOME STAYS SOLVES a problem faced by thousands of dog owners every year -

What to do with our beloved dog when we go away?

As a behavioralist and trainer, Chris has solved the problems and worked one-on-one with more than 10,000 dogs and their owners; lectured in canine behavior and safety to large companies, government departments, councils and veterinary clinics; been a consultant and staff trainer; been a writer and author and even trained dogs for the wonderful world of film and television. As a result, HOWZ YA DOG HOME STAYS has a very good understanding of what will work for you…….and what won’t.

We’ve also seen the problems of the Dog Care industry and rehabilitated far too many dogs who suffered from poor care. Confinement, visiting services, stacking (putting multiple dogs who haven’t met in one cage or house) are fraught with problems - often resulting in stress, illness, injury and behavioral problems such as separation anxiety.


It’s important to us too!

By finding the right match up for you – and for our Carers – everyone enjoys. Owners have stress-free / guilt-free holidays and return to happy, healthy and much-indulged dogs! And rest assured - all our Carers are “inside” dog people. There’s a great Carer not too far from you!

Once your dog is enjoying their own holiday with one of our great Carers, you can go away and relax. You can even give your Carer a call while you’re away to see how it’s going. Even speak to your dog if you like!

And we’re Adelaide-based, born and bred. So we know where everything is!

So call now – (08) 8271 8853 – to find out more about the wonderful world of HOWZ YA DOG HOME STAYS!