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If you’re reading this, there’s a fair chance you’re already convinced that anytime you’re away, you need care for your dog that is similar to home. 

Somewhere there is security, pats and cuddles and one on one care – not caged in a kennel nor left alone for long periods waiting for a visiting or walking service.

Let us take a minute just to explain the benefits of Home Care, and the pitfalls our clients have told us about some of the alternatives!


As a beloved member of your family, we are pretty sure your dog’s normal environment would be something like being inside with you, having a pat and cuddle in front of the TV with the heater or air conditioner on. Or snoozing outside on a nice day with shade, shelter and someone around to keep the water bowl topped up and share some pats and play.

And your dog’s normal routine would most likely be having dinner and / or breakfast, someone around a good part of the day, and for some a walk and a play most days.

Whatever your normal routines and requirements are, they will be delivered for you by a HOWZ YA DOG HOME STAYS CARER!

We believe you can only offer these things to your dog while you are away with exclusive and caring Home Care. This is what we do!

Because our Home Care is exclusive ie only your dog(s) are placed with your Carer at that time - all instructions and requirements will be happily and easily carried out for you.

You can send all your dog’s belongings and not worry they will be wrecked by other dogs or lost or sent home with another owner.

And you can call into your Carer anytime while you are away – we know your dog will be happy – we want you to be happy too!


After EVERY holiday period, we take so many calls from owners who have put their dogs into other types of care.

We don’t claim every dog that goes into other types of care comes home with a problem, but if the number of examples of dogs with Kennel Cough, weight loss, health issues, stress, and behavioral and psychological problems from inappropriate care is any guide, the risk – and cost – just isn’t worth it.

In our training days, we used to see so many beautiful pets after every holiday period with the same serious problems (especially in February!) with fear, aggression and separation issues from poor care.

Being confined in a cage or run – no matter how it is dressed up - for any period of time can scar a dog for life. It’s just nothing like what a happy dog is used to.

Being surrounded by dozens of other stressed, barking dogs can turn your well-socialised dog into a nervous wreck – for years to come.

Visiting and walking services – even “reliable” ones – are leaving dogs alone for extended and overnight periods – up to 24 hours or more at a time between visits. At anytime this can be distressing and traumatic for some pet dogs – in the extremes of hot weather it’s just irresponsible and way too risky. And so many other things can go wrong. What if the “visitor” has a car problem or takes ill? At busy times can this be covered? What if there is a thunderstorm or fireworks and the next “visit” is 20 hours away?

We’ve also seen in increase in “stacking” – where numbers of dogs who have never met are placed in the same house or cage – sometimes without the knowledge of the owner. Some of these dogs end up being crated or confined, or worse, getting into fights.

There are even businesses who run home care from another state – providing absolutely no back up or support to carers should it ever be needed. We don’t think they care too much about your dogs!

We’re sure you feel that same way we do –
that all the great dogs out there deserve better than this!

We are the industry leader in pet care and offer the very best option for owners to have their dogs cared for safely to their requirements whilst they are away. Our network of Carers from all walks of life are dog lovers – they take your dog(s) into their home and care for them with love and attention while you are away.

Our processes are the best – simple, thorough and safe.

So holiday with peace of mind and no stress knowing your dog is happy, indulged and the centre of attention with your exclusive HOWZ YA DOG HOME STAYS CARER! Call now - (08) 8271 8853.