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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am a bit nervous about leaving my dog for the first time. Will I get to meet my Carer before I go away? And have you screened all the Carers?

A. Absolutely! It is one of the most important aspects of our service. And the meeting is for both Owners AND Carers to ensure everyone is happy. Nobody ever leaves their dog with a Carer unless they are comfortable, and no Carer takes in a dog unless they know it is the right fit for them. Our success rate in providing the right match first time is exceptional!

And yes, we have met all our Carers in their own homes and know them all. We frequently rescue customers who placed their dogs with services where the homes and people haven't been screened - either because the service is too lazy or is run from another location thousands of km away! Don't ever take that risk.


Q. We go away for lots of weekends and the last time we left our dog anywhere was miles out of the way. Where are your Carers?

A. We have Carers in ALL parts of the Adelaide area – North, South, East, West including the Adelaide Hills. You won’t have to go far!


Q. Do you offer discounts for longer bookings?

A. We sure do. Just let us know your details and we’ll work out a fantastic rate for you.


Q. Last time we went away we left our Kelpie in a kennel. He came back with kennel cough and wasn’t the same for months. Why is this service different?

A. The most common question we get! Dogs in kennels are generally confined, surrounded by many, many other stressed dogs and in some cases live in their own mess til the next clean out – very unhealthy. Lots and lots of dogs and very few staff - a dangerous mix. With so many dogs there is also none of the attention and affection your dog is used to. At HOWZ YA DOG HOME STAYS, we place only your dog(s) with a Carer – it is an exclusive service. Your dog is much indulged and can be inside or outside as they please. Your instructions are followed, your dog has their own bed and food – and pats and cuddles, walks and play as much as they like. This way they come home happy and healthy. And so do owners!


Q. I recently booked my dog in with a service, only to find out their office and support was in another state. I was horrified – they didn’t even tell me and they had never met any of their people! Are you Adelaide-based?

A. A very good point. Yes, we are right here in Adelaide and available anytime if any support or back up is needed. Your peace of mind is important too. And we know ALL our Carers well!


Q. I’ve heard of services that put several dogs from different owners into one home. Do you do this?

A. Never! This is a dangerous, irresponsible practice.


Q. I notice you DON'T offer a home-visiting service. Why not?

A. “Home visit” services for dogs can be fraught with problems. Dogs are not used to being left for 23 hour periods or more – in hot weather they can stress or even perish. And so many things can go wrong – what if the “visitor” takes ill, has a car breakdown? Do you want to hand your key over to someone you don’t know? Our concept of having dogs stay in the homes of our Carers is not only the nicest, it’s the safest!