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  • To work out the rate for your booking, simply work out the length in days for 1 or 2 dogs. (All fees are based on the calendar day to allow you maximum flexibility without additional costs!).
  • Then check what “season” you are in from the list down below.
  • Not sure - Just ask!
  • Got a longer booking? Or more than 2 dogs? No problem!


Up to 7 days (inclusive)

    Standard Rate

Discounted rate
(off peak)

I have ONE lovely dog   35.00  


I have TWO lovely dogs   52.50   48.00


I have more than two lovely dogs – no problems. Please ask.


8 - 21 days (inclusive)

    Standard Rate

Discounted rate
(off peak)

I have ONE lovely dog   32.00  


I have TWO lovely dogs   48.00   45.00


I have more than two lovely dogs – no problems. Please ask.


Day Care

1 dog - $45

2 dogs - $65

Please note Day Care is generally not available in holiday periods - but feel free to ask - if we can we will!



For any longer-term bookings, please ask us about our exclusive special rates – Price On Application.

The longer the booking, the more the discount – please ask!


Really Really Long Bookings

We SPECIALISE in longer-term care.

Our Carers love it!

If you have a booking that requires loving care for a month or more (we often have great dogs in for up to 12 months or longer) please feel free to discuss your arrangements with us.


Leaving your dog for an extended period is a hard thing to do. But there’s a big difference between missing your dog and worrying. We will take the worry out of it for you.

While you are away, you can keep in regular contact with us and your Carer. We’ll even keep you apprised with photos and a regular update on all the things your best friend has been up to!

If you have a legitimate voucher from ANY other organization, we will honor it for you! *(conditions apply)
*Up to a value of $50. The voucher must be presented and verified as legitimate. Vouchers can only be used on bookings of 5 days or more.


How Fees are Calculated

  • Fees are based on the “calendar day” or “date.”
  • This means there are NO set times or cut off times for drop offs and pick ups. This allows you the maximum flexibility for your plans, without you incurring extra costs. So if you are returning after hours or are delayed on the day, or want to get an early start (within reason!) there are no extra costs!
  • As a result, we do not charge “portions” of days . If you book a particular date – it’s all yours. This keeps our service exclusive to you and your dog as you are exclusively allocated any dates you book ie no other dogs come or go while your dog is there. So don’t race the clock – you’re covered!
  • We do not charge “per night” – this way we don’t have to impose on you cut off times for pick ups (like a motel). If you are unsure, please ask!



Our Standard Rate is for holiday periods. This is our normal rate. These dates are listed below.

Our Discounted Rates apply to ALL other times.







December 12 – January 26 (School Holidays including Australia Day Long Weekend)


March 6 – 8 (Adelaide Cup)




April 1- 5 (Easter)




April 10 – 26 (School Holidays – including Anzac Day long weekend)


  •  remember discounts for bookings 8+ days! 


June 12 – 14 (Queen’s Birthday long weekend)




July 3 – 18 (School Holidays)


  • remember discounts for bookings 8+ days! 




Sept 25 – Oct 10 (School holidays including October long weekend Oct 2 – 4)


  • remember discounts for bookings 8+ days! 




Dec 11 – Jan 30 (School holidays)


  • remember discounts for bookings 8+ and 21+days! 




Please note:

Prices include GST. A two-day minimum fee applies. All bookings must be confirmed with a deposit.

These prices are subject to change without notice. However, once a booking is taken and a deposit received, the quoted price will be honored.

We accept PayPal, credit card (Visa / Mastercard), bank transfers and cheque or money order.

All deposit and payment details will be supplied on your Booking Confirmation which is sent to you when you make a booking!


more than 7 days notice – deposit

-  7 days or less notice – 50% Boarding Fee

 -  48 hours or less notice – Total Boarding Fee

more than 14 days notice – deposit

14 days or less notice – 50% Boarding Fee

-  48 hours or less notice – Full Boarding Fee