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Having to leave your dog in Care anytime can be a nervous proposition, but if you have a long-term stay, it's even more important that the very best and safest arrangements are made for you.

We are the Service owners come to for long term Care!

Many of our Carers love committing to longer term bookings.

Even owners who have family or friends to care for their dogs are reluctant to ask if the commitment is a long one.

We speciallse in longer-term bookings. We give you peace of mind while you are away - and your dog has a wonderful home away from home.


Many owners report their dog's experience of a three-day stay in a kennel to be so traumatic they could never do it again. So imagine putting a dog through that for a month. Or three months. Or longer.

Our Home Care is the safest, nicest and most dependable way to have your dog loved while you need to be away - it might be a long holiday, a work placement, a house move or even a hospital stay.

Regardless, you will know where your dog is, you can have regular contact with your Carer - you can even chat to your dog if you like. We'll even make sure you get photo updates!

And with a brilliant network of more than 100 Carers in Adelaide, you know that back-up and support is there 365 days a year. Your dog is safe and out of the elements - in winter in front of the heater, in summer watching cricket with the AC on.

And we are Adelaide-born, bred and based! We are the only Adelaide-based network of our kind.

Using services where the support is in another state, or relying on a very small number of people is risky - even for short stays.

So if you're thinking of a big trip, but hesitating due to doubts about care for your dog, just call us - (08) 8271 8853 - for a chat. We'll put you at ease and make that trip happen.


We will tailor a rate for you based on your individual booking. We offer huge discounts and promise to give you the very best package you will find. Call now - (08) 8271 8853.